SLCC WebEx Subscription Ending:
Your SLCC WebEx video conferencing account will be unavailable after June 30, 2021.  By that time, you will need to have migrated to one of the other video conferencing hosting tools, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.  If you wish to keep old WebEx meeting recordings for archival purposes of your class recordings for perpetual use, whether you have used the WebEx desktop app, WebEx in Canvas, or on the regular site, it is easy to download your recordings and save them for storing and sharing on other platforms.

To Join or Begin a WebEx web conference, click WebEx, then while viewing the Even Calendar Tab, click the event you want to select. 

To join the web conference, click "Prepare (as host)"

You can edit, invite others or copy the link of the meeting or delete the meeting altogether with the buttons beneath "more details"

To view recordings of the web conference, click WebEx on your left hand navigation and then click "Event Recordings" and then select "View Recordings" and then click streaming

If you want to stream the recording from your browser, click the first links that says (Streaming), if you want to download an MP4, click the second link.

REV EZ 07/16/21