SLCC has created the Online Course Reviewer (OCR) Credential to recognize faculty who have demonstrated their ability to review online courses using the Quality Matters rubric and tools. To earn the OCR Credential, faculty must:  
  1. Satisfactorily complete two Quality Matters courses, the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) course, and the Peer Reviewer Course (PRC) course.
  2. Satisfactorily complete one formal course review using the Quality Matters rubric and the Quality Matters Course Review Management System.
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the OCR Credential.

How long does it take to complete the OCR Credential?

The APPQMR course takes about 20 hours of work spread out over two weeks. The PRC course takes about 30 hours of work spread out over three weeks. A formal Quality Matters course review takes about 10 hours to complete. Graduates receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge that can be included in their professional portfolios.

Who should earn the OCR Credential?

The Online Course Reviewer Credential is available to all full-time faculty. After January 2020, only faculty with the OCR Credential will be allowed to conduct formal Quality Matters course reviews for the college. 

I've been helping with online course reviews for years. Do I still have to take the OCR course? 

Yes. The Quality Matters rubric is very different from the "home-grown" rubric that eLearning used before 2016. The review process and QM's tools that support this process are also very different. For more about the Quality Matters initiative at SLCC, go here

When are the OCR courses offered?

New sessions of the APPQMR and PRC courses begin nearly every Tuesday throughout the year. We encourage you to register for a cohort that works for your schedule.

What is the format of the OCR courses?

Both courses are taught in asynchronous fully-online cohorts. There are no on-campus meetings for these courses. 

Who teaches the OCR courses?

The APPQMR and PRC courses are taught by Quality Matters facilitators who are both QM-certified reviewers and QM-certified facilitators.

What is the typical class size of the OCR courses?

Both courses usually have about 20 participants.

Are the OCR courses "self-paced"?

The APPQMR and PRC courses are entirely online and asynchronous, so participants have some flexibility in when they complete their assignments during the week. But these aren't "self-study" courses that participants complete “at their convenience.” The APPQMR course runs for two weeks, and the PRC course runs for three weeks. Assignments are due each week, and late work is not allowed. Participants who do not satisfactorily complete all of the course assignments on time are dropped from the class, and are asked to register for a future session.

How much do the the OCR courses cost?

The cost to register for each course (both APPQMR and PRC) is $220. eLearning pays the registration fee. You are expected to complete assignments on time or you will be dropped from the class, and the registration fee is non-refundable. eLearning will not pay for subsequent attempts.

What are the prerequisites for the OCR courses?

There are no prerequisites for the APPQMR course, other than you need to be a full-time instructor. The prerequisite for the PRC course is successful completion of the APPQMR course.  

How do I register for the OCR courses? 

To register for the Quality Matters courses, please contact Bob Lindsay in eLearning at x3989 or for instructions. 

If I have more questions about the OCR Credential, who can I talk to? 

For additional information, please contact Bob Lindsay in eLearning at x3989 or


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