Canvas Course Sites

Live/Term Canvas Sites

Regular Canvas sites for upcoming semesters are generated automatically and populated by information from Banner. These sites have a few primary differences over DEV sites, which are:

  • Enrolled students are automatically added to their section in Canvas when they register for the class. 
  • Instructors are added to a course site when they are assigned to teach that section. 
Since a Banner-created course is an official, live course and is not an ideal place to draft content, faculty may request additional development sites (DEV sites) in Canvas.

Personal/Departmental Canvas Sites

The DEV sites act like a "play place" are an ideal place for faculty to experiment with features in Canvas or to prepare course content for future semesters without impacting an active course.  It is up to individual faculty to manage the DEV site's content and add only what you want. Live Canvas sites can then have content imported from a DEV site.

A few things to know:
  • DEV sites contain all the same features as a Canvas course, but they never contain students and never go live.
  • DEV sites never have students added to them and never go away.

To Request a DEV Site

Please fill out and submit the online Canvas Development Site Request Form

TIP: You should request a DEV that is specific to you.  The name of the site can be generic or creative. Examples of DEV sites we have seen include:
  • MyCourse-1010-MJackson-DEV (this is the preferred naming convention)
  • MyPlayPlace-JohnDoe-DEV
  • MATH-0980-MSmith-DEV
If you're not sure how to name your DEV site, feel free to contact eLearning support (see below) if you need clarification. 

Additional Resources

24/7/365 Canvas Support:
F2F Canvas Course Faculty Support
  • If you have questions regarding how to access your development site or to schedule an in-person consultation, please use one of the options below for an available Instructional Technologist or Canvas Administrator: