At the end of the semester, many associate deans request a report of student grades from each instructor. It is a simple process to export the Gradebook from your Canvas course to a spreadsheet file, which you can then email to your associate dean.

Export your Gradebook from Canvas:

Before you begin, make sure you're in the Canvas course with the grades you would like to export. Then go to your course menu on the left, and select Grades.

  1. Click the Actions menu, then
  2. Click the Export link.
When the export is completed, Canvas will download the CSV file automatically to your computer. For step-by-step instructions, review this Canvas Guide: How do I export grades in the Gradebook? (as an Excel spreadsheet which can be edited and emailed).

Gradebooks and Cross-listed Courses:

The exported Gradebook of a cross-listed course combines the grades of the students of all cross-listed sections in a single .csv file. One solution is to sort or filter the spreadsheet by section number, then copy the records for each section into separate worksheets in the spreadsheet file. Instructions for sorting a range or table:

Some additional considerations:

  • Canvas can automatically add (next to the Totals column) a column with a letter grade (A+, A, A-, B+, etc.). To do this, enable the Letter Grades grading scheme before exporting the Gradebook. Review the Canvas Guide: How do I enable a grading scheme for my course
  • For instructions on how to finalize or submit grades, see How do I submit final grades from Canvas? under Related Articles or How and When Do I Enter Final Grades? on SLCC's Faculty Services website. 

REV EZ 06/30/21