This quick reference of the Simple Syllabus basic commands and prompts will help you quickly navigate editing and creating your syllabus. For more in-depth instructions on Simple Syllabus go to What is Simple Syllabus and How Do I Use It?


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Add: Simple Syllabus automatically provides you with components to fill in. If you would like a component that is not present (ex. Communication Expectations) you may add a component by clicking the “Add” option in the menu or “Add new component” at the bottom of the publisher. Create your new component and click “Save”.

Reorder: Simple Syllabus allows you to reorder the components in your syllabus. Click the Reorder option in the menu and in the pop-up drag and drop components into your desired order. Click “Close” to save the new order.

Import: This option allows you to import content from another syllabus in the syllabus library. See more about this below.

Reset: This option allows you to reset components back to their original form (the way you saw them when you first opened the Simple Syllabus tool).

Preview: This option allows you to see what the syllabus will look like for your students after you submit it.

Adding a Component to Personalize your Syllabus

There are a lot of ways to personalize your syllabus for you, your section, your discipline, and your students.


Importing content is the quickest way to carry over a syllabus from one section to another, or to share a syllabus with other instructors in your department.

Note: We highly recommend using the "Advanced" toggle when importing customized content. It allows you to map out exactly how you'd like your content to import, which will avoid any problems after you import.

There are two types of syllabuses that you can import.

Regular Syllabuses: These types of syllabuses can be searched for on a section by section basis. This means that you can import any previous syllabus that have worked on (for example, your fall syllabus imported into your spring section, or a current syllabus into another section you are teaching), or you can import any other section that is visible to you.

Regular Syllabuses use the following naming convention: Fall 2023 MATH 1010 501

Master Syllabuses: These types of syllabuses can be searched for, but are associated with subjects, not sections. They have a slightly different naming convention than the regular syllabuses, and can be found with the abbreviation and number of the course, but no section listed. Note that not all department may have set them up, and if your department would like to explore creating these then reach out to

Master Syllabuses use the following naming convention: Fall 2023 MATH 1010

More information about importing syllabuses can be found here:

Using the 'Full-Import' Tool (you will need to input your credentials to view these materials)

Editing a Component

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Visible/Hidden Toggle: Use this slider to include or hide a component within your syllabus.  If a component is required, this feature will be disabled and automatically set to visible, and a lock icon will display to the right Visible slider.

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Public/Private Toggle: Use this slider to protect intellectual property rights by restricting access to this content. Components set to public will be viewable within the Syllabus Library. Components set to private will be only accessible to authorized users (students enrolled in the class, instructors teaching the class, and administrators).


Syllabus Access Feature

At the top of your syllabus you will see the syllabus access feature. This is a dropdown menu that allows you to choose who can see your syllabus. It is automatically set to the Campus Community.

·       General Public: Allow everyone to view this syllabus

·       Campus Community: Only allow users to view this syllabus if they are logged in.

·       My Students: Only allow users to view this syllabus if they are enrolled in this section or if they can edit or approve this syllabus.

Publishing your Syllabus

When you are finished adding all content to your syllabus click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. If this button is grayed out that means you still need to complete some of the required components.

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After you have published your syllabus you may still make edits by clicking the “Edit syllabus” button at the top of the page. You will need to click “Submit” when you are done to save your changes.

Video Guides

Simple Syllabus has a collection of videos showing you how to access and use every function.

How do I get help? 

For technical support and questions, contact