The Roll Call Attendance tool in Canvas has the ability to create a drag and drop seating chart for your course. This process requires that you:

Navigate to the Attendance tool
Open the Class view
Click Edit Seating Chart
Create the seating chart

Creating a Seating Chart in Canvas

1. Open Attendance

You will find the Attendance tool in the left hand course navigation menu.
Note: If you do not see this link in the menu, you can enable it in the navigational settings (How do I manage Course Navigation links?)

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2. Open Class View

From the attendance tool, click the Class tab.

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3. Edit Seating Chart

Next, click the Edit Seating Chart tab.

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4. Create Seating Chart

From here you can drag and drop your students into the seating chart grid, and arrange them as desired. You can remove students from the seating chart by dragging the names back to the green section on the left.

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Please note that the Roll Call Attendance tool can export student attendance data, but it does not export seating chart data.

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