Weekly Overview and Objectives Pages in modules serve several helpful purposes:

  • Function as a lesson plan with clearly stated goals, which benefit teachers, students, administrators and substitute teachers.
  • Provide context to all upcoming module components.
  • Provide context to assignments so that students know what each assignment will prepare them to do later in the course or in the working world after graduation.
  • Assure students they are not being given busy work.
  • Contain text instructions, images, links to websites and resources, embedded videos from YouTube or Kaltura.
  • Scroll as long as needed and display the "Next" button so students navigate successfully without getting lost. 
Here's an example of a Weekly Overview and Objectives Page:

Week 1, Chapter 1: Intro to Geography
This week:

  • Read Chapter 1
  • Take the Chapter 1 Quiz
  • Complete the following assignments as directed to help navigate your Canvas Account profile settings area.
    • Configure Your Canvas Profile.
    • Customize Your Canvas Notifications.
    • Submit an Assignment
    • Create and register an additional Gmail account in Canvas, dedicated to professional and academic communications.
    • Register your GoogleDrive account to submit assignments directly to Canvas, using your Gmail address & password. 
    • Complete the graded discussion: Introduce Yourself.

Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Participate in next week's class project on the History of Geography
  • Successfully submit assignments.
  • Email your instructor with questions.
  • Ensure you can receive important notices and announcements while reducing junk email from Canvas.
  • Get SLCC and Canvas tech help anytime.
  • Separate your personal email from profession email communications for future job searching.

REV EZ 08/18/2021