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What is Simple Syllabus?

Simple Syllabus is SLCC's new syllabus management system being rolled out in 2023. Simple Syllabus uses templates combining departmental requirements with institutional standards while maintaining instructor autonomy. This new process will reduce redundancy and provide clearer front-end access to learning outcomes for new and current students. More information can be found at

Note: To view the student guide, navigate to How do I use Simple Syllabus as a Student?

How do I access Simple Syllabus?

The quickest way to access Simple Syllabus is through Canvas. Navigate to your section, find Simple Syllabus in the course navigation, and click the link. At that point the syllabus for that section will load in Canvas and you can start to enter information.

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You can also access Simple Syllabus by logging in directly to This will take you through the Single Sign On process with two step verification.

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Please note that Simple Syllabus will not work in Safari or outdated browsers. Be sure you are using a browser such as Chrome and that it is updated to the latest version.

How do I use Simple Syllabus?

There are many things that you can do to customize your syllabuses to fit the needs of your curriculum and students. This includes building different types of components, importing content, and publishing your syllabus. Outside of your section's syllabus you can also navigate the Syllabus Library. Fortunately, Simple Syllabus has a large video guide showing you how to do all of these different things.

SLCC Training Video for Instructors

For faculty which covers the basics of creating a syllabus in the template, time-saving features, and the creative elements in the system. 

Types of Users

Simple Syllabus has various roles that have different responsibilities that can support your department. Everybody who teaches a section will have the Instructor role, which gives them the ability to modify and publish the syllabus for each section they teach. There are two other roles:

Editor - Allows you to modify templates for a specific school or department. For example, there can be an editor for the College of Business and an editor for the Accounting department.

Designer - Allows you to create and modify Master Syllabuses. These syllabuses are attached to a subject, such as BIOL 1010 or BIOL 1020 and can be imported into live syllabuses that students will see. There can only be one Master Syllabus per subject.

If your department would like to explore these roles reach out to This will require authorization from your AD or department chair.

Support 💬

If you have any questions or need help setting up your syllabus there are a couple of ways that you can find support. For Simple Syllabus support you can email, or use the help button found by clicking the question mark icon in the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

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Note: This help button only appears in your dashboard. It is not found in the Canvas interface.

To reach out to SLCC support contact or call 801-957-5125.

Note: You may notice errors in your course description, learning objectives, or some other auto-populated component in your syllabus. These elements come directly from Banner, and need to be changed there first before they show up in Simple Syllabus. If you notice any problems reach out to to start the process for making those changes.