What are Collaborations?

Collaborations are sharing spaces accessed through the Canvas course for student groups to use Google Drive Apps that update in real-time for multiple users and do not require sharing personal emails, phone numbers, etc. Activities happen within a FERPA, accessible and secure area.

You can use Collaborations to:

  • Create and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets (Using Google Apps:  Docs, Slides, and Sheets) within Canvas.
  • Work on group project assignments asynchronous or synchronously in a Canvas course.
  • Access student workspace area with pre-assigned groups created by the Instructor and/or create new groups as needed.

For more information, please review What are Collaborations?

Enabling and Setting Up Collaborations

To use Collaborations within your course, see the following:

  1. Enable Collaborations: You must enable the visibility of Collaborations in the course navigation menu. Refer to the Canvas guide: How do I re-order and hide navigation links?
  2. Enable Google Features: You will need to enable your course and participants to use Google features. See the following instructions for authorizing Gmail or Bruinmail as a method to submit assignments in Canvas: How do I connect to Google Drive as a web service in Canvas as an instructor?
  3. Adjust People tab/Assignment settings for group projects as needed. (See related articles on creating groups)
When you create collaborations, you can select individual users, groups, or both as part of a collaboration.

If your collaboration options include Google Spreadsheets and Presentations in addition to Documents, you can select Google Drive (Apps)Refer to the Canvas guide: How do I create a Google Drive collaboration as an instructor?
Docs created here can be submitted directly into Canvas assignments when you give students the submission type options in Canvas assignments to include Google Docs. Refer to the Canvas guide: How do I create a Google Docs collaboration as an instructor?
Note on Google Drive vs. Google Docs

  • Google Docs collaborations are separate from Google Drive collaborations. Collaboration usage of internal Canvas GoogeDocs is not to be confused with securely authorizing a personal Gmail account or Bruinmail to submit docs directly into Canvas Assignments. Authorizing and linking a full GoogleDrive account is a separate step performed under the logged-in user's global menu Account button settings. 
  • BruinMail is a Gmail account that includes GoogleDrive etc. Students can securely authorize Canvas to recognize/submit assignments directly from Bruinmail or a separate Gmail account through their Canvas Account settings (far left global menu in Canvas.) 

Student Access

Students can access this Collaboration space with pre-assigned groups created by the Instructor and/or create new groups as needed. Each collaborator will need a authorize their Google account the same way an instructor set is up by connecting to Google Drive.

In addition, students are able to create and share Google Drive with peers within the course as well. Please see the following articles:

Notes on Collaborations:

  • Collaborations are connected solely to a specific course and will show as a line item in the Courses master list under All Courses.
  • Although Microsoft 360 can also integrate with Canvas, SLCC does not have it integrated at this time.

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