Instructure (Canvas), and SLCC's Professional Development and eLearning divisions provide Canvas training and tutorials in a variety of ways:

General Canvas Guides and Tutorials (Instructure)

For up-to-date descriptions and short tutorials (including videos) which are essentially the user manuals to support students, faculty, and staff with using Canvas, we encourage that you explore the Instructure Canvas Guides. These guides are continually updated to reflect the latest version of Canvas: 

In addition, if you would like to learn more about the latest Canvas features and updates: Product updates and new features are released every three weeks. With each update, Canvas Release Notes are published to inform users of the new features and functionality.

Curated Training Curriculum (SLCC)

For immediate tailored options to fit your needs at SLCC, we recommend the following options:


Self-Study Options

Faculty and Staff

Self-Study Options

Credentialed Training Options:

In partnership with SLCC's Faculty Development office, eLearning also offers a variety of training opportunities on Canvas and online teaching, including credential courses, and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff:

  1. Canvas User Credential 
    1. Faculty learns to use the key features of Canvas such as navigation elements, assignments, quizzes, and communication and media tools.
    2. Online, facilitated course
    3. 12 hours
    4. Self-paced (but must be completed within a single semester)
  2. Online Teacher Credential
    1. Faculty learns the research-based best practices and expectations of being an online instructor at SLCC. 
    2. Online, facilitated cohort
    3. 1-3 hours/week (12 hrs total)
    4. 6-7 weeks
  3. Online Course Designer Credential
    1. Faculty meets with the eLearning team to design and develop a fully online course that incorporates the best practices for online courses and meets Quality Matters standards. 
    2. In-person, weekly meetings
    3. 2-10 hours/week
    4. 2 semesters to design and develop a course, 1 semester to pilot course
  4. Online Course Reviewer Credential
    1. Faculty learns the process and best practices for conducting peer reviews of online courses using the Quality Matters rubric.
    2. Online, facilitated cohort
    3. 10 hours/week
    4. 5 weeks
To register for training, please see the article, "How do I register for Canvas training?"

Contact Instructure or eLearning

If you have questions about Canvas please contact the Canvas Hotline below: 

24/7/365 Canvas Support:
  • Hotline (Students): 801-957-5125, Option 1 
  • Hotline (Faculty): 801-957-5125, Option 2
  • Email:

If you have course questions or need assistance improving your content, please use one of the options to schedule an in-person consultation: 

SLCC Online & eLearning Services 
Important: Our services are limited to school/business hours usually between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday; however, you can always contact the 24-hour Hotline through Instructure (from the previous page) and they may be able to help you out with the majority of emergency or urgent issues if needed.

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