Below is a list of many of the available instructor eLearning tools that are offered through SLCC to enhance online instruction and learning for students. Training and setup resources are listed below the tool’s descriptions.


Copyleaks is a plagiarism tool that can be used in canvas assignments to identify potential plagiarism. The tool also features an AI Content detector to also detect AI generated content.

Where do I learn more?

How do I check assignment for plagiarism in Canvas using Copyleaks?

Canvas Instructor Guide

CopyLeaks Help Center

Simple Syllabus

Simple Syllabus is a tool that was adopted to help instructors more easily organize and create their syllabuses and offering the ability to view and import them as well, automating institutional and departmental information and offers some student analytics.

Where do I learn more?

What is Simple Syllabus and How do I use it?

Simple Syllabus Basics

SLCC Simple Syllabus Training: Register in your SLCC portal for DSS1


Respondus Monitor and Respondus LockDown Browser are proctoring tools that allow for instructors to provide remote testing. Respondus Lockdown Browser disables the browser outside of the test taking environment while Respondus Monitor monitors suspicious behavior during the test.    

Where do I learn more?

What is Respondus LDB (LockDown Browser) and how do I use it?

What is Respondus Monitor (Proctoring) and how do I use it?


FeedbackFruits is a suite of tools that improve student engagement and instructor feedback. It includes assessment tools, social annotation tools, and engagement tools that are integrated with Canvas assignments and the gradebook.

How do I get started?

FeedbackFruits can be found in Assignments or Modules by using an external link. The following guide will walk you through the process:

Where do I learn more?
What tools are available to use? (links are to promotional materials):

Class for Zoom

Class for Zoom is a Zoom overlay that has the look and feel of Zoom with added features to simulate an in-person classroom. Features included in Class include the instructor podium, attendance reporting, student participation monitoring, live proctoring, survey, polling, whiteboard and many more.

Where do I learn more?

How do I set up Class for Zoom to work in Canvas?

How do I access Class for Zoom as a student?

Class for Zoom Best Practices and Troubleshooting

Class for Zoom Live Trainings


ThingLink is a media creation tool that makes it easy to enrich images and videos with additional information. Anything from photos, to infographics, to 360-degree videos can become rich learning experiences or presentations with text notes, audio narration, links, and apps like YouTube or Google Forms. This is a versatile tool that can create interactive learning material for courses, digital storytelling, interactive resumes, marketing materials, or even tours of a building where you can highlight important locations.

How do I access Thinglink?


DesignPLUS is a collection of software tools that are integrated within Canvas to creating a learning environment that is engaging and accessible for all students. The Design Plus content editor can help you to create professional looking courses, while the multi-tool utilizes Canvas API to create quizzes, assignments, and discussion pages. Additionally, upload and edit your images without having to leave Canvas using the Design Plus Upload/Embed image tool.

What is Design Tools?


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Educational Technology Tools and Functions Comparison Chart

Use this chart to look at and compare all of the educational technology tools we offer and their functions. Scroll to the right to see functions, and scroll up or down to see the name of the educational technology tool. Note that this chart is not screen adaptive.

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