Managing Your Canvas Course Gradebook

To begin, view the Canvas Tutorial Video below to learn about the additional features and functions of the Canvas Gradebook:

Gradebook Overview (6:46)

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Getting Started

To keep in accordance with SLCC Canvas usage requirements, you should update the Gradebook regularly while leaving timely feedback where possible. As you update student grades throughout the term, you'll learn to navigate, sort, and filter views for convenience within the Gradebook. 

To assist you in getting started, we recommend you review the following Canvas Guides:

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When entering grades, the Gradebook displays crosshairs and highlighting across the row and column for improved orientation. To enter grades, type the grade as supported by assignment type directly in the Gradebook cell [1]. You can also enter grades and change the submission status by clicking the Grade Detail Tray icon [2].

Applicable articles:

Organizing and Viewing:
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How to Use "Treat Ungraded as 0" 

This feature changes the view of how grades are displayed to instructors in the Gradebook and does not directly affect student grades. If you still want to view grades as zeroes in the Gradebook which apply to the student's grade, you will first need to set up a Missing Policy option or use the Default Grade option for individual assignments. See below on how to view or set grades to 0:

Applying "Treat Ungraded as 0"

This feature is currently still available in the Individual View Gradebook but not in the Grid View Gradebook, which will be resolved in a future release. (Note: The title of this is very misleading, as it does not "treat" or "update" to reflect actual grade, but only displays for an instructor's view.)

     1. To enable this view, start within the course gradebook.
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     2. Under the drop-down menu, "Gradebook," select Individual view.  

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     3. Select the checkbox called Treat Ungraded as 0

After you check this and then go back to the regular gradebook view, the grades reflect the zeros. 

2) Applying Grades to Missing or Late Assignments

When you want to actually apply a student's grade as a 0 from a student submission, you would need to apply a Late Policy. (Note: This title for the menu is incomplete, and should be stated as "Missing and Late Policies.")

  • How do I apply a Missing Submission policy in the Gradebook?
    • The Missing Submission policy lets you automatically apply a grade for all missing submissions in the Gradebook. A submission is labeled missing when the due date has passed and it has not been submitted. Only submissions with a status of Missing will be affected by the Missing Submission policy. The Missing Submission policy is set per course.
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  • How do I apply a Late Submission policy in the Gradebook?
    • The Late Submission policy allows you to automatically deduct points on all late submissions. A submission is labeled late when it has been submitted past the due date. Only assignments with a status of Late will be affected by the Late Submission policy. The late policy will be applied to a submission when it is graded.
    Applying a late policy will be dependent on the course structure and departmental requirements. Refer to the article link above to help you set up your late policy.

Some important things to consider:

  • If a submission is received after the due date, the Missing label will be automatically replaced by the Late label. However, any label can be manually removed in the Grade Detail Tray.
  • Setting a Missing or Late Submission policy affects all assignments in a course, including assignments with due dates in the past. To exclude a specific assignment, mark the submission as something other than Missing in the Grade Detail Tray.
  • Applying a missing submission policy will not affect previously graded missing submissions. Therefore, the Missing Submission policy should be set up when a course is created prior to creating assignments.
  • The Missing or Late Submission policy will not be automatically applied to No Submission, On Paper, or External Tool assignments. However, a Late label can be added in the Grade Detail Tray.
Certain grades may need to be changed to zero individually if the assignment is based on the above criteria. Refer to the guides above for additional information.

Additional Resources:

To find additional detailed guides to help you use the Gradebook, see:

Note: You may want to save certain links in your browser as a reference throughout the term.

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